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Just off the main streets of downtown Lisbon, since 2019 our purpose has been to provide a laid-back environment, a place where anyone can feel at ease and bring a piece of home wherever they might hail from. With fresh ground coffee pervading the air alongside a killer playlist, we house multiple homes under the same collection, just like a real a Neighbourhood.


Check out the 6 reasons that make us the right Neighbourhood to be in when planning a downtown Lisbon trip.

6 Reasons why Neighbourhood is the best coffeeshop in Lisbon.


1 - Specialty Coffee

At Neighbourhood Cafe Lisbon, we think good coffee is not just a drink but a sanctuary in liquid form, a moment of clarity in a noisy world, so when we make it, we make it like a work of art, whether or not there is a design in the latte.

We have a wide variety of beverages to choose from, different coffees or a selection of teas,  and we don’t limit ourselves to the hot stuff, if you’re looking for a refreshing dose of pick-me-up we have Ice Coffee and Chai Lattes as well.

Get lost in the richness of our baristocracy, and if you’re feeling social grab a slice of pumpkin loaf or a cookie to keep that caffeine company in your Lisbon excursion.


2 - Brunch

Maybe you want to spend a little more time in our little corner of Downtown Lisbon, you woke up late but it is still too early for Lunch, no worries.


We are all adults here, so our Brunch Menu was designed to accommodate all scenarios, from the ‘merely peckish’ who want a blast of fruit over their Chia Pudding to the folks that  ‘need to cure this hangover immediately’ by wolfing down a larger than life Chorizo Breakfast Burrito.


Light to Heavy, and everything in between, we’ve got it all, and we do it with style, remixing classic brunch staples with international flavors, and adding a couple novelties for you to try and share with your peeps.

If you’re worried about dietary requirements, read ahead, we didn’t forget about you, friends.

3 - Inclusive Menu

At Neighbourhood, we are aware that not everyone is down with animal products and could get sick from consuming gluten, that’s why we make it a point to offer options for our Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-Free neighbours, like our Gluten Free Avocado Toasties, or our Tofu Burritos, so no one is left out, and can enjoy the flavors that exit our kitchen. 

We also let you choose from Whole Milk or Oat Milk at the counter for all your beverages so you can get your grind on without compromising your routine.

Be sure to let our staff know how we can best serve you to match your requirements, and we will make your comfort our priority, and any fuzzy friends you bring along. 


4 - Pet Friendly

Pets, Friends, Family Members, Neighbours, the meaning is interchangeable, your quadrupeds can cross our threshold without any worry, not only will we not even bat an eye, we will actually lose our minds over the cuteness. 

Let us dote over your fur baby while you kick back from your walk through downtown and down a brew or a brewski. 


5 - Burgers and Bubbles

When it gets a little cooler, and the sky paints us a canvas, (which is a fancy way of saying around 5PM), we exchange our cleancut brunch menu for the grimiest and most flavor packed smash burger selection you'll find in Portugal, fully customizable with extras you'll be able to have an afternoon snack or straight up early dinner in style.

Speaking of style, some of our Neighbours concoct fizzy treats to wash down all that burger; Dois Corvos Craft Beer, Ummi Hard Kombucha, and Why Not Craft Sodas are some of the options that we make available to the folks that pass through, which brings us to our next point. 


6 - Downtown Lisbon Hub

Beyond burritos or burgers, brunches or bubbles, we like to consider ourselves a point of curation for the very best that Lisbon has to offer, in the very best part of Lisbon.

We provide a space for some of the coolest local businesses to sell their products, like our bubble suppliers that we mentioned, or the legends at Senhor Rito the uncontested most flavorful hotsauces in the the country.

Or, if you want to bring home some coffee beans, we've got all sorts, because we bring the Neighbourhood together and let you take a bit home with you. 

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